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App #1 Review: Socrative Modes and Uses


Uses in the Classroom

The great thing about Socrative is that it is so easy to use on both the implementation level and the user level.  simply post you classroom code, and a timer if needed and begin.

Teachers can use Socrative to give an summative assessment or a formative one.  The option for summative assessment allows for short answer responses, T/F, numeric, or multiple choice.  These can be generated ahead of time specifically by the teacher, or accessed from an assessment bank found in links on the Socrative Garden website, where you will find numerous tips and tricks to use when working with Socrative.  This tool also allows the teacher the option to access real time information for formative instructional purposes.

Quiz mode 

The quiz mode in Socrative allows for what would most probably be considered a traditional assessment model.  students enter the class code and their id (determined by the teacher) and they are taken to a specific assessment event.  The questions can be toggled to provide feedback to the student as the progress.  This can be as simple as whether the student got the question right or wrong, or as complex as which question was correct and the rational / review needed to deepen student understanding.

Other features include question shuffle which keeps students from following the ‘clicks’ of their neighbors, to response shuffle which changes the order of correct or incorrect responses in multiple choice mode.  High security for the classroom!

As students complete the quiz their results are able to be reviewed in real time by the teacher.  This allows for very concrete data to guide future instruction tomorrow or in the next five minutes.

Exit Slip/Quick Question/Quick Question

Exit slip is an assessment that builds on the traditional paper model, but can be generated immediately and can be reviewed as quickly.  These questions can be posed based on class discussion, and can provide evidence that students are ready to move on or need more time with a concept.  While the makers of Socrative call it an ‘exit slip’, in reality it is a real time check in to be used at any point in the lesson.  Offering 3 question types for teachers to use the Exit Slip allows for a check in as well as a short reponse that will help the teacgher guage where students are at.  All with no little pieces of paper to keep track of.

See it in action here:

The Short Answer

The short answer option is where students can respond specifically in the form of a comment or perhaps, a question generated by the students for the teacher.  This anonymous option allows for students who may not normally ask questions, for whatever reason, a venue to participate more comfortably.  Additionally it allows teachers to see, at a glance where students are in relation to your content, with individualized responses.

Space Race

This is a step towards a more ‘gamified’ assessment model.  In this mode, Socrative provides students or student groups with questions that have determined (correct/incorrect) responses.  As students respond, their individual or group avatar moves across the screen in a race to the finish line.  Sounds kind of simple, but the added dimension of competition really causes students to engage in a much more focused manner.  After all who wants to be the slowest unicorn?

A real strength of this particular mode is the fact that students can move around working on tasks in any environment, from gym to the library to a field trip, and the educator can identify both accuracy and progress instantly.  All while retaining a record to guide future instruction or activity guidelines.




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Teacher seeking to better implement and understand the role of technology in the classroom... and outside the classroom.

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