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Ok everything that Socrative is, Kahoot is… kinda…

If you are a traditional teacher then this is definitely the app you should try.

Kahoot is a touted as a game based application that will encourage engagement and subsequently student comprehension, Kahoot is what it proclaims to be.


Kahoot is completely web based application and does not require a download to use. Teachers can create Kahoots! and store them or access an online selection of public Kahoots!.

Creating a user account profile on Kahoot is very easy, and similar to many other applications.  A unique user name, email and password are all required.  OF course you are required to agree to the terms and privacy policies which will be discussed in greater detail in the privacy section of the major project blog.

The platform is simple.  Incorporate multiple choice questions of your own design or from a  bank.  Questions and responses are limited in length.  This may at first seem to be a drawback, but it forces us, as educators to be concise.  Getting to the point also contributes to the ‘game’ like characteristics of Kahoot…speed will play a role!  Kahoot also allows for the inclusion of images which can be inserted simply by dragging and dropping from desktop or file locations.  Having the window open (split screen) while creating your Kahoot! will cut your clicks in half, and allow for a much quicker compilation.

Videos from Youtube can also be added to Your Kahoot!  This is somewhat more complicated than dragging and dropping images, but all the same it is still quite simple.  Users should simply be aware be aware of the following simple, but important steps:

  1.  Paste only the ID code for the Youtube video selected.  To access the ID # click on the share tab, found in between the +add to and …more tab, just below the video play window.  See the picture below:Kahoot 1
  2. If viewing the video clip on a desktop or laptop computer (the entire video will play on tablets and phones), you have the option to select the specific time/section of the video you want play while presenting the clip.  The time selected must be done in seconds rater than minutes:seconds.  Other than that its a snap!

Once you have created your Kahoot! it will need to be managed by the administrator (notice I did not say teacher…).  Students will work at a pace determined by whoever is running the designed Kahoot.

Coming up next…

Uses and implementation of Kahoot! in the classroom.



Author: 2014shaunhorsman

Teacher seeking to better implement and understand the role of technology in the classroom... and outside the classroom.

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