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Tools and Uses of Kahoot!


There are, much like Socrative, categorized into three categories: quizzes, surveys and discussions.  However, there are differences that will serve different needs in the classroom.


In this mode the best feature of the app comes to the forefront.  Without a doubt the competitive timed nature of Kahoot! will appeal to those who are most  disinterested in the more traditional assessments.  In order to ensure that frustration does not occur, ensure that your questions and responses are concise, or adapt your Question ‘time’ to reflect your students ability to read.  This quiz mode is perhaps better for review, or team based reflection.

One benefit of the quiz feature in Kahoot! that is not part of Socrative is the pace is determined by the teacher.  Students are not able to move on to a new question until it is activated.  At times this is a great feature, as some students have a tendency to rip through digital assessments just to get done.  With the ability to control the pace and progress it is possible to teach concepts, maximize a minimized Kahoot! ask a question and have an immediate idea of where the students are in relation to the content delivered.  This allows the teacher to reteach if needed, or note who may need individualized attention post instruction.  Throwing in some music clips as each question begins, or having a dramatic introduction to each question, when combined with the  colours, sounds and shapes of Kahoot!, allow students to ‘level up’ and enjoy a mini brain break… and we all need more of those!

Discussion and Surveys

IN my opinion the discussion and survey component in Socrative outperform those found in Kahoot!.  If the intention is to have students select a particular response on a polarizing issue which could be addressed through the use of : Yes/No response or Agree / Disagree type responses, then Kahoot! will serve.  However if differentiated and more detailed responses are encouraged, the ‘four choice’ limitation of a Kahoot! survey  or discussion feature may not suffice.


Author: 2014shaunhorsman

Teacher seeking to better implement and understand the role of technology in the classroom... and outside the classroom.

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