Social Media in the Classroom

An Introduction to Popplet


I thought the best way to show the value of Popplet was through the creation of : Popplet…in a Popplet.


Author: 2014shaunhorsman

Teacher seeking to better implement and understand the role of technology in the classroom... and outside the classroom.

6 thoughts on “An Introduction to Popplet

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  3. Hi Shaun. My name is Gary and I work for Popplet. I don’t understand the color classifications you have used in the Popplet: main ideas, secondary etc. Can you clarify please. Thanks!


    • They are just ideas that came from the previous popple. I used colour as it is a popple to introduce students/teachers to the poppet app.


    • The intention of the post was to give teachers an idea of what Popple might be able to do for both them and their students.

      In my division we are required to ‘apply’ for app permissions. Therefore it is vital that teachers know what the potential uses and the value of, any app they wish to use.


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