Social Media in the Classroom

Whats Your ‘App’etite for Tech in the Classroom?

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Click on the links below to learn more about these ‘Tech Tools’ for use in your classroom.

Post #1 – Introduction to Socrative, platform, ease of use, and what is involved in creating your own Socrative account.
Post #2 – What are the tools, available in Socrative for use in the classroom?
Post #3 – Using Socrative in the classroom

Post #4 – Introduction to Kahoot!, the basics identified for a first time user.
Post #5 – Tools and uses of Kahoot!
Post #6 – Kahoot! in the classroom

Post #7 – Introduction to Popplet
Post #8 – Popplet in the classroom

Some further things to consider…

Post #9 – Privacy and Terms of Use
Post #10 – Gamification in the Classroom




Author: 2014shaunhorsman

Teacher seeking to better implement and understand the role of technology in the classroom... and outside the classroom.

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