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Blind Contour Drawing #1

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July 4, 2016

These three drawings remind me of one thing: Ms. Potter’s grade 10 art class.  I think if I remember correctly, that we actually had to draw our hands that winter semester…we also had to draw a shoe.  I remember that this was the beginning of the end of my interest in art as I was starting to think of classes that would get me a job not classes that were ‘interesting’ or ‘creative’.  I used to love drawing drama and believe it or not singing.  However there was a definite difference between what was necessary and what was enjoyable.  I didnt do very well in that class and that was the winter I moved out of my family home and out on my end.  I think the next time i had/made time to draw was in my B.e.a.d degree when I took an class on instruction and art.  since then it has been a long time since i have tried to represent something through art…although I think this looks quite similar to the work I remember in Ms. Potters class.

hand1hand 2hand 3


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