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Blind Contour Drawing #3

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The first two versions of these were terribly frustrating.  I kept getting lost in the form and found my hand ahead of my eyes.  My hands wanted to draw what my mind said was there not what actually was.  This took a long time to complete the first two and neither of them are close to something I would call a picture of a bag…plastic or otherwise.

The third version I just let my mind draw what it saw.  I didn’t abandon the form but I let my hand move quickly and lightly over the form and allowed it to develop as it did.  the result is something I appreciate in a way.  The image, as I said is not accurate, but it is representative of the bag.  I know this is kind of deviating from the assignment outline, but it did result in a product that I find more closely related to the bag as it sat in front of me.  This third method was far less frustrating than the first two.

Plastic bag 1Plastic Bag 2

Plastic bag 3


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