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Blind Contour Drawing #5

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Watering Can

Different environment, my back yard.  We have been working quite a bit on the class content and I wanted this particular one to be done!  I was very fixated on the holes in the spout and I was determined to get them in the right place.  I also wanted to incorporate some shading/texture as the can is a galvanized metal that really didn’t have a lot of texture in its true form.

I started to think about the idea of semblance while drawing this as we presented Massumi’s article yesterday.  The idea of form and versions and the abstraction of an object, its being in the moment popped up.  I think that this is connected somehow to this idea, however I have trouble thinking about such complex concepts while trying to place all my mental powers on an accurate tally of the holes in the can, and the texture that light makes in a shadow…its hard to draw depth in a line.

In this version I was most happy with the first one.  The two lines in the front seem to achieve the idea of depth to me even though they are not representative of the actual form.

W can 1W can 2W Can 3


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