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Blind Contour Drawing #6

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I took my dog and sketch book for a walk today and I wanted to draw a fire hydrant.  We are fortunate to live near the park and I thought this an excellent opportunity to get a picture done.  I wanted to draw a fire hydrant as it approximates the object that presented me the most trouble thus far the trumpet.  However, there don’t seem to be any hydrants in the park.  I settled for one outside the park across the street from my house.  But it got me thinking.

I was struck by the idea that hydrants represent protection, and things we want to protect.  I found it a bit depressing that there is no option in the park to protect it in the case of a fire.  I couldn’t get over the connection this has to things we apply importance to.

As for the images themselves I don’t favor one more than the other and the connection I had to the lines was undoubtedly compromised by fixation with the absence of protection for a part of the city I value almost exclusively above others…this distraction is starting to  become a pattern…I might have attention issues.

I also used pencil…felt clumsy.

hydrant 1

hydrant 2

hydrant 3


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