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Blind Contour Drawing #7

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The subject this afternoon is a Buddha head in the back yard.  I have done some reading on this and it seems like a way to get better results from this process is to use gesture drawing.  I will try as much as possible to not lift my pen off the paper and create the image with one consecutive line.

One of the biggest challenges with this continues to be focus and attention.  I had a great deal of trouble working in the circles of the hair and seem to be overly focussed on the outline of the shape.  Unfortunately focusing on the outline leaves with a silhouette not an image.

Makes me think of the difference between definition and what something is as I touched on in my bodygraphy.  The line often seems good, but then the substance in the middle gets all mucky.  Maybe thats the point?

Buddha 1 (8)Buddha 2 (7)Buddha 3(12)


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