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Blind Contour Drawing #8

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This seems fitting as my final project for the sketches and one of the final for the class.  One thing I have taken away from this class is that I cannot sit in one place and do something for an extended period of time.  I actually need to move.  Dont get me wrong I’m very comfortable being sedentary but the act of getting up and simply throwing is something I have abandoned for some reason over the years.

Since we started the process of throwing a ball around I have found much more clarity in movement.  Cortney and I will throw the football around together and discuss ideas for what is going on in the class, or simply talk about the things that are present in mind at the time.  This has caused us to dig out our ball gloves and invest in a football.

I don’t think I have paid as much attention to an inanimate object as I have to this football in a long time.  It sits there while I’m typing practically begging me to engage with it.

I know this isn’t about the technique in art, but it is about allowing your mind to wander.  Something I need to stem less of and endorse more…mine included.

football 1football 3football 2


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