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Blind Contour Drawing #8

This seems fitting as my final project for the sketches and one of the final for the class.  One thing I have taken away from this class is that I cannot sit in one place and do something for an extended period of time.  I actually need to move.  Dont get me wrong I’m very comfortable being sedentary but the act of getting up and simply throwing is something I have abandoned for some reason over the years.

Since we started the process of throwing a ball around I have found much more clarity in movement.  Cortney and I will throw the football around together and discuss ideas for what is going on in the class, or simply talk about the things that are present in mind at the time.  This has caused us to dig out our ball gloves and invest in a football.

I don’t think I have paid as much attention to an inanimate object as I have to this football in a long time.  It sits there while I’m typing practically begging me to engage with it.

I know this isn’t about the technique in art, but it is about allowing your mind to wander.  Something I need to stem less of and endorse more…mine included.

football 1football 3football 2


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Blind Contour Drawing #7

The subject this afternoon is a Buddha head in the back yard.  I have done some reading on this and it seems like a way to get better results from this process is to use gesture drawing.  I will try as much as possible to not lift my pen off the paper and create the image with one consecutive line.

One of the biggest challenges with this continues to be focus and attention.  I had a great deal of trouble working in the circles of the hair and seem to be overly focussed on the outline of the shape.  Unfortunately focusing on the outline leaves with a silhouette not an image.

Makes me think of the difference between definition and what something is as I touched on in my bodygraphy.  The line often seems good, but then the substance in the middle gets all mucky.  Maybe thats the point?

Buddha 1 (8)Buddha 2 (7)Buddha 3(12)

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Blind Contour Drawing #6

I took my dog and sketch book for a walk today and I wanted to draw a fire hydrant.  We are fortunate to live near the park and I thought this an excellent opportunity to get a picture done.  I wanted to draw a fire hydrant as it approximates the object that presented me the most trouble thus far the trumpet.  However, there don’t seem to be any hydrants in the park.  I settled for one outside the park across the street from my house.  But it got me thinking.

I was struck by the idea that hydrants represent protection, and things we want to protect.  I found it a bit depressing that there is no option in the park to protect it in the case of a fire.  I couldn’t get over the connection this has to things we apply importance to.

As for the images themselves I don’t favor one more than the other and the connection I had to the lines was undoubtedly compromised by fixation with the absence of protection for a part of the city I value almost exclusively above others…this distraction is starting to  become a pattern…I might have attention issues.

I also used pencil…felt clumsy.

hydrant 1

hydrant 2

hydrant 3

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Blind Contour Drawing #5

Watering Can

Different environment, my back yard.  We have been working quite a bit on the class content and I wanted this particular one to be done!  I was very fixated on the holes in the spout and I was determined to get them in the right place.  I also wanted to incorporate some shading/texture as the can is a galvanized metal that really didn’t have a lot of texture in its true form.

I started to think about the idea of semblance while drawing this as we presented Massumi’s article yesterday.  The idea of form and versions and the abstraction of an object, its being in the moment popped up.  I think that this is connected somehow to this idea, however I have trouble thinking about such complex concepts while trying to place all my mental powers on an accurate tally of the holes in the can, and the texture that light makes in a shadow…its hard to draw depth in a line.

In this version I was most happy with the first one.  The two lines in the front seem to achieve the idea of depth to me even though they are not representative of the actual form.

W can 1W can 2W Can 3

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Blind Contour Drawing #4

I went to get my haircut today at Victoria’s Tavern (great French Onion Soup there btw).  While waiting for my turn in the barbers chair I thought I would try drawing something from their walls as they are covered with little artifact relevant to pub life.  I settled on the trumpet…challenging.

I have to admit that I don’t remember much from the drawing process, but I do remember the strange looks of the other patrons as I stared up at the wall.  Cortney was drawing a wood railing at the same time as I was engrossed in the trumpet and I can only imagine the theories on why these two people were staring off, seemingly into the distance, and scribbling at the same time.  I would like to think that they would have seen the drawing process occurring, but I’m pretty sure that most thought we were crazy…I mean who draws without looking?

The final product is ok, but i found the movement from round to straight lines a difficult transition and it distorted the dimensions.  The change in perspective on version 2 and 3 also proved very challenging and the third version kind of blended into the shelf the instrument was sitting on.

*There is a barber shop above the pub…you were probably thinking I was crazy to get my haircut at a pub…

Trumpet 1

Trumpet 2

Trumpet 3

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Blind Contour Drawing #3

The first two versions of these were terribly frustrating.  I kept getting lost in the form and found my hand ahead of my eyes.  My hands wanted to draw what my mind said was there not what actually was.  This took a long time to complete the first two and neither of them are close to something I would call a picture of a bag…plastic or otherwise.

The third version I just let my mind draw what it saw.  I didn’t abandon the form but I let my hand move quickly and lightly over the form and allowed it to develop as it did.  the result is something I appreciate in a way.  The image, as I said is not accurate, but it is representative of the bag.  I know this is kind of deviating from the assignment outline, but it did result in a product that I find more closely related to the bag as it sat in front of me.  This third method was far less frustrating than the first two.

Plastic bag 1Plastic Bag 2

Plastic bag 3

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Blind Contour Drawing #2

I have always loved this little radio at the lake.  It sounds terrible and only gets the AM channels now, but I still have trouble listening to a Rider game on anything else.

I had difficulty with this because I felt I needed to lift my hand up a lot in this one, as opposed to the process with the hand.  I also felt like this had a greater element of realism because it was an object…which is odd because my hand is also an object…connections?

I think that these three versions got better as they were completed. I’m not suggesting that they were more accurate but I would suggest that they were better version of what I wanted them to be.  Although I’m not entirely sure what that means.

Radio 3Radio 2Radio 1